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Why the Xomnia X-Force?


We have known Xomnia for years now, and from the onset, we have only had good experiences with the experts from Xomnia.

Steven WoudenbergManager Advanced Analytics at Asset Insight

I am impressed by the knowledge and skills of Xomnia's team. In a very short period of time, they've built a data platform with advanced functionalities and an autonomous model from scratch, which can monitor and control ships.

Tom BoeremaDirector at Shipping Technology

The Xomnia X-Force team has shown its broad and in-depth knowledge and skills: designing and implementing a data-driven application. With a lot at stake, Xomnia showed to be flexible and trustworthy delivering within time and budget.

Frank van DonkDirector Schadegarant at Schadegarant

Xomnia helped us to automatically gain insight into the subjects that are touched in the letters we receive from Dutch citizens regarding the construction of public works. We are now able to automatically process all documents on a daily basis helping us to improve our projects. Great work!

Arjan KnolData Science Lead at Rijkswaterstaat
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