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Short on data? Get a new perspective with graph analytics for big data

Written by: Janis Vilks,big data engineer at Shipping Technology

Ritchie Vink, Machine Learning Engineer, writes Polars, one of the fastest DataFrame libra...

Xpert Insight: Boosting my development with the Machine Learning Engineering Development P...

A blog by Gijs Romme, Machine Learning Engineer at Xomnia

How to speed up Deep Reinforcement Learning by telling it what to do?

By Jan Scholten, a Xomnia Machine Learning Engineer.

Truth as a Service (TaaS): A Data Platform to 'Uncover the Truth'

AI Love You: the AI-powered dating App

SlackAI: The AI powered chatbot designed for online meetings

We are delighted to welcome Tim Paauw and Jasper Küller to team Xomnia!

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