Thu Mar 28 2024

Data & Drinks Goes Open Source: Polars & ClickHouse

Raamstraat 7 · Amsterdam, NH

Descend into Easter holiday mode surrounded by an enthusiastic and passionate crowd of fellow tech professionals at our Data & Drinks event! Join us on March 28th at 17:30 at Xomnia's HQ for an event edition that is all about open source software. Our speakers are Chiel Peters, Co-Founder of DataFrame library Polars, and remote Full-stack Developer at Clickhouse Vineeth Asokkumar.

This free event includes dinner, drinks and a lot of networking opportunities with data professionals from Amsterdam and beyond.

Summary of the talks:

Polars: The new era of DataFrames
In this talk, we will introduce Polars, a full-fledged DataFrame library with a query engine. We will cover the main components (expression language, query optimizer, compute kernels) that (aim to) make Polars both fast and easy to work with. Lastly, we will discuss new feature plugins that allow users to write their own fast kernels and plug them straight in to our query engine without any overhead.

Open Source
ClickHouse: The Real-Time Data Warehouse
Open Source ClickHouse is the next-gen Real-Time DBMS / Data Warehouse for your Transactions / Logs / Time Series / Metrics / Events / Traces / Clicks / etc. This talk will help you get the most out of ClickHouse and avoid the pitfalls. We'll talk about real-time analytics / BI / Monitoring and real-time data warehousing. We'll cover topics regarding indexing, data schema's, Joins, sub-second queries in Millions of lines, etc. We'll also provide a short demo outlining how to ingest millions of data lines per second and analyze this in Real-Time using standard SQL.

If your challenge is analyzing gigabytes / terabytes / petabytes of data - this talk is for you. If you're a data engineer / data architect / devops engineer / data scientist looking for tools to work with big data - this talk is for you. And, of course, if you are just curious about what makes ClickHouse crazy fast - this talk is for you as well.

About the speakers:

  • Vineeth Asokkumar has been working as a full-stack developer at Clickhouse since 2022. Prior to that between 2020 and 2022 he worked as a senior software engineer at Arctype.
  • Chiel Peters is a co-founder of Polars who loves building data-driven products. In his role he spends half of his time programming, optimizing and refactoring, and the other half strategizing and building the team at Polars. He is passionate about accessible and open tooling in the data domain space.


17:30-18.30: Walk-ins & dinner
18.30-18.35: Introduction to Xomnia
18:35-19:10: Open Source ClickHouse: The Real-Time Data Warehouse by Vineeth Kumar (introduction by EMEA sales lead at Clickhouse Pascal van den Nieuwendijk)
19:10-19:20: Break
19.20-20.00: Polars: The new era of DataFrames by Chiel Peters
20:00-21.00: Borrel