Tue Feb 14 2023

A Decade of Xomnia: Kicking off our 10th Anniversary Celebrations

Today marks the 10 year anniversary of Xomnia, the leading Data & AI consulting firm in the Netherlands.

Amsterdam-based consultancy Xomnia kicks off its anniversary year today, with a team of 75 colleagues committed to making a data-driven impact at a wide range of clients.

Xomnia has made headlines for its self-driving boat project, and its involvement in the much-debated cold case investigation into the betrayal of Anne Frank. First and foremost, however, we are known for being the silent force behind data-driven innovations at industry leaders across all sectors, such as VodafoneZiggo, HEMA, Enexis Groep, and The City of Amsterdam.

“Today is a great milestone in this awesome journey, which was filled with ups and downs, successes and failures,” said Xomnia’s founders Ollie Dapper and William van Lith. "We are proud to have become the market leader in delivering impact with AI, and believe that this is just the beginning of a future full of opportunities in this rapidly changing world!"

From major players in logistics, transportation and retail, to industry leaders in finance, energy, and telecommunication, to the public sector, Xomnia delivered dozens of successful projects over the years. We’re also very proud to support non-profit initiatives like The Ocean Cleanup, FruitPunch AI, and others.

“Whether we’re setting strategies, building data infrastructures, or delivering all possible kinds of data-driven solutions, our consultants are keen to deliver maximum impact,” said our CTO Tim Paauw. “We help our clients in working more efficiently and sustainably, improving customer experience and team performance, cutting costs, and achieving other impactful outcomes.”

Throughout the years, Xomnia has been also known for its broader entrepreneurial activities. This includes former sister company, Xomnia Talents, which gave more than 100 trainees a kickstart in their career; our spinoff joint venture startup Shipping Technology, which develops cutting-edge technology for the inland shipping industry (including an auto-pilot); and spinout Polars, that develops the fastest DataFrame library in the world in an open source setup.

“We’re excited to usher in a new decade in which we continue to maximize the impactful use of data & AI,” said our CEO Jordi Hompes. “We are grateful to everyone who contributed to making Xomnia the company it is today, and are seizing this moment to reflect and put all the achievements of a decade into perspective,” he added.

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