Fri Jun 28 2024

Xomnia joins Data Expo as Gold Sponsor, presents alongside Albert Heijn and Alliander

Xomnia is sponsoring the Data Expo, which will take place on September 11th and 12th at Jaarbeurs in Utrecht. This year, we are happy to announce that we will deliver two presentations discussing our collaboration with Albert Heijn Technology and Alliander, two of our biggest long-term partners.

In addition to the presentations, Xomnia will be present in its own booth during the event (booth #7). Visitors are welcome to pass by to meet some of our consultants and account managers, and ask any questions they have about how Xomnia can help organizations tackle challenges and advance with data & AI.

"At Xomnia, we specialize in guiding a diverse range of clients in the world of data and AI from strategy to execution, taking into account all recent developments in our field, such as those concerning GenAI and MLOps," says CEO Jordi Hompes. "The potential is enormous, and we encourage Data Expo's visitors to connect with us to explore how we can empower their organizations to navigate this landscape successfully."

Presentation #1: Wednesday the 11th of September at 12:30 - 13:00 (Lezingenzaal 7)

“Powering the Netherlands tomorrow: How we make our grid future-proof by predicting when you'll drive a Tesla”

On the first day of the conference, our Lead Data Scientist Thijs Nieuwdorp and Alliander’s Data Science Software Engineer Bram Timmers will deliver a presentation that discusses how Alliander, one of the major energy grid operators in The Netherlands, uses its data and cloud computation to get the grid ready for the future.

Specifically, the speakers will shed light on how our collaboration fortified Alliander with the ability to predict the adoption of different technologies, and to simulate their impact on the low-voltage part of our grid. Attendees will also learn how these simulations are used to make informed decisions to strategize and prioritize the upgrades on Alliander’s power grid.

Presentation #2: Thursday the 12th of September at 11:45 - 12:15 (Lezingenzaal 7)

“Albert Heijn’s Data Kitchen - Enabling data domains with our self-service platform for data marts"

On the second day of the conference, our Machine Learning Engineer Hella Haanstra and Product Owner Retail Data at Albert Heijn Aafke Jongsma will dive into Albert Heijn’s transformative journey with their self-service platform, Data Kitchen. The platform seamlessly integrates into Albert Heijn’s data strategy, driving transparency and efficiency across the organization.

The talk will explore the technical intricacies of building a robust platform, and the tools and technologies used to address scalability and performance challenges. The speakers will also unveil the benefits and insights gained from this new setup, paving the way for a data-driven future at Albert Heijn.

Interested in planning a meeting already with us? Then don't hesitate to get in touch with our Head of Sales Lars Spaans via email on